A construction of binary asymmetric error-correcting codes
报告人:张俊副教授,首都师范大学 时间:2020年9月25日,8:30-9:20
参会方式:腾讯会议,ID:638 601 672,密码:123456
摘要:Binary asymmetric error-correcting codes (AECC) play an important role in communication systems modeled by the binary asymmetric channel (Z-channel). Varshamov proposed a general construction of binary AECC via $V_h$-sequences and obtained many good binary AECC. In this talk, we give a general construction of $V_h$-sequences in ray class groups of algebraic function fields. Our construction induces new lower bounds for binary AECC which improve the former results. This is a joint work with Prof. Fang-Wei Fu.