On the maximum number of mixed-hypergraphs
报告人:蔡建生教授,潍坊学院 时间:2019年11月11日(周一)9:30
摘要:A mixed hypergraph is a triple H=(X,C,D) where X is called the vertex set, also denoted by V(H),Cis the family of subsets of X called C-edges, also denoted by C(H), and Dis the family ofsubsets ofXcalled D-edges,also denoted by D(H). For a hypergraph H=(X,C,D), the partial mixed hypergraph H=(X,C,∅), also denoted by H_{c}=(X,C) is called a C-hypergraph. In this paper, we solve an open problem posed by Voloshin concerning the maximumnumber of hyperedges of an r-uniform C-hypergraph with given$\overline{\chi}(H)$.