Sobolev classes of functions valued in a monotone family of Banach spaces
报告人:Nikita Evseev 研究员,Sobolev Institute of Mathematics 时间:2019年11月6日(周三)下午15:30-16:30
邀请人:黄益 副教授
报告摘要:We study the class of Sobolev functions from a one-dimensional interval into 
a measurable family of Banach spaces. Namely, the class is closely related to the 
Lp-direct integral. First we define Sobolev functions in terms of upper gradient 
(just as in metric case). Then with the help of local Bochner integral we introduce 
a weak derivative for function valued in a family of Banach spaces. This is a joint 
work with Alexander Menovschikov (Novosibirsk State University).