Joint functional calculus of Ritt operators
报告人:Samya Kumar Ray 博士,武汉大学 时间:2019年9月4日(周三)下午15:30-16:30
邀请人:黄益 副教授
报告摘要:In this talk, we present some results on joint functional calculus for commuting $n$-tuple of Ritt operators. This class of operators is an important object for studying difference equations, maximal regularity problems and ergodic theory. We provide an equivalent characterization of boundedness for joint functional calculus for Ritt operators on $L^p$-spaces, $1< p<\infty$, where each of them admits a bounded functional calculus. We also investigate joint similarity problem for commuting $n$-tuple of Ritt operators. We get our results by proving a suitable multivariable transfer principle between sectorial and Ritt operators as well as an appropriate joint dilation result in a general setting.